Often neglected, our backs can also be sexy, smooth and toned.

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When it comes to listing parts of our body that we love, our backs don’t always make the cut. Unless we plan to wear a backless dress, we often forget about them all together. It’s time to give our backs some TLC they deserve, so they look their best all year round.

Strengthen the Muscles

Our backs can be prone to injury, especially as we get older. Try “Fizzy Yoga” (or “Physio Yoga”), which involves doing yoga positions and meditative breathing with a trained physical therapist instead of a yoga instructor. This means the stretches and poses are catered more to your body’s own strengths, weaknesses and limitations, with a focus on healing your personal injuries or improving individual muscle groups.

Do you sit at a desk all day? Swap out the office chair for a stability ball. Sitting atop it helps improve posture and strengthen abs, legs and back muscles.

Clear up the Skin

Spending the entire winter in sweaters and other heavy layers leaves our backs looking less than desirable. A combination of a lack of fresh air and vitamin D lead to pesky pimples cropping up. Look for a body wash containing salicylic acid, which helps to target the black- and whiteheads. But if you prefer a greener alternative, try tea tree oil, an excellent bacteria-devouring essential oil that helps clear up the skin. Only a few drops of this powerful oil will do the trick when added to your favourite body wash. Our favourite: Thursday Plantation Tea Tree oil ($13.99 for 25mL, abundancenaturally.com). Lather it up on The Ultimate Buffing Cloth ($19, dermalogica.ca) a hygienic exfoliating cloth perfectly sized for a thorough back scrub that scrubs away dead skin cells. 

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Non-Invasive Body Contouring Procedure

The Venus Freeze Contouring system, a toning and contouring system, uses magnetic pulses and radio frequency to help you lose inches and tighten skin anywhere on the body.

The magnetic pulse and radio frequency technology cause cells to maintain a higher therapeutic range of energy, which penetrates the dermis and hypodermis to create collagen and elastin. Similar to how a hot stone massage feels, warm but painless, results can be apparent after one session, but eight and ten weekly sessions create optimal results. Therafter monthly maintenance sessions help keep these results.