Overhauling your wardrobe after a weight-loss goal has been acheived.

After a weight loss goal has been achieved, whether it is from diet and exercise or a cosmetic surgery procedure, your old clothes won’t exactly be flattering to your new figure. Fashion stylist Jennifer Choy from Judy Inc. agrees that the final step during a body transformation is putting together a new wardrobe that complements that new trim body. “To avoid overspending, it’s a good idea to sit down and think about wardrobe essentials first and find ones that make you look and feel great.”

Here are Choy’s four essentials that can be mixed and matched to build the ultimate figure-flattering wardrobe.

1. The Little Black Dress (LBD)

To quote fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, “One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a little black dress.” The invaluable LBD is a woman’s secret wardrobe weapon, always counted on to fit flawlessly. Choy lists a simple black dress as a blank canvas to accessorize and decorate as her first wardrobe essential. “A black dress that skims your body without pinching or buckling is a pretty good bet.”

FIT TIP: To add to the irresistible flattery of your LBD, use a good push-up bra to add impeccable cleavage and support.

14 05 21 Dress114 05 21 Dress2

Left: Banana Republic Pleated Dress, $185 at bananarepublic.ca, Right: Express Strappy Dress, $69 at Express

2. The Fitted Blazer

Fitted blazer Tailoring is important because poorly fitted clothes can look sloppy, giving the illusion of a bigger figure. A perfectly fitted blazer is a wardrobe must and matches well with all of the above-mentioned necessities. It can also help during off-days, explains Choy. “If you’re having a self-conscious day, which we all do, it will immediately make you feel polished and hide any upper-body imperfections.”

FIT TIP: Add a long necklace to an opened blazer to create the illusion of a longer torso.

14 04 21 Blazer114 05 21 Blazer2

Left: Rebecca Taylor Cutaway Tweed Blazer, $598 at eluxe.ca, Right: Smart Set Crystal Blue Blazer, $59 at Smart Set locations and smartset.ca

3. White Button-Down

Boring? On the contrary. A white oxford can be transformed into countless looks while keeping up that appearance of elegance. A tailored and well-fitted button-down shirt hugs in all the right places, showing off your new and improved physique.

FIT TIP: “Make sure none of the buttons is pulling—a tell-tale sign that you need to go a size up,” advises Choy

14 05 21 WhiteShirt114 05 21 WhiteShirt2

Left: Refined White Bow Blouse, $256 at eluxe.ca, Right: Banana Republic Button Down, $95 at bananarepublic.ca

4. A Great Pair of Jeans

Most women cringe at the thought of shopping for jeans. It doesn’t matter what shape you may be, finding a flattering pair that fits every area of your body can be frustrating. Luckily, Choy offers advice on how to make the most of your denim purchase. “The most versatile and slimming jeans are boot cut with a midrise waist.

FIT TIP: Pick darker denim without a lot of embellishments to achieve a more slimming and modern effect.

14 05 21 Jeans114 05 21 Jeans2

Left: J Brand Mid Rise Legging, $199 at eluxe.ca, Right: Yoga Jeans Mid Rise Comfort Chino in Rinse Indigo, $130, visit secondclothing.com for store locator.