We gave away some samples of Schick's new Hydro Silk Razor ($13.99, at drugstores) and asked our winners to tell us what they thought after testing it out.

Here are some of their rave reviews!

"Wow, I just loved this razor! It felt like I wasn't actually shaving at all! My legs felt very smooth afterwards and considering how long these multiple blade razors last the cost is more than fair. I will definitely be buying this!"
-Sandra D.

"The angle is so different from any other razor I have tried - it actually is perfect because it presses the razor into the skin, allowing for the closest shave possible. No cuts, nicks or anything because the handle is so much easier to work with. When it comes to the hydro silk strip...whatever the serum is made of is actually good for my sensitive skin and doesn't give me any bumps!"
-Natasha D.

"One stroke and you feel your leg has been hydrated and all your hair as been removed (and not your skin)! I was really impressed with it, so I chose to bring it to Cancun with me. The fact that it has a water-activated moisturizing serum is a big bonus (so I won't need to bring shaving cream)."
-Julie P.

"The fact that it has five blades is one of the most important factors for me - it gets every last hair and the moisturizing bars leave my legs feeling silky smooth. I've definitely found my new favourite razor!"
-Danielle T.

"I LOVE it. What I really love about it is the handle and how it is designed to fit in a woman's hand."
-Brenda W.

"I absolutely loved it! This five blade razor moved effortlessly across my skin resulting in a silky smooth, clean shave (without the usual skin irritations from other razors I have tried in the past). I would definitely recommend this product!"
-Linda H.