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How permanent makeup is going beyond cosmetic use to camouflage surgical scars, burns and discoloured skin.

Permanent makeup has gained momentum as a way to summer–proof makeup, says Basma Hameed, founder and owner of the Fabulousity Beauty Clinic ( Hameed has also seen more demand for paramedical tattoos in the past five years. "A lot of people know about the benefits of permanent makeup but scar camouflage is popular because cosmetic surgery has gone through the roof," says Hameed. Her clients look to micropigmentation as a way to correct and camouflage surgical scars from procedures like C–sections, facelifts and tummy tucks. "It's a finishing touch," she adds.

And Hameed is familiar with the procedure, called micropigment implantation, because she engaged in it herself after third–degree burns left 40 per cent of her face discoloured when she was a child. "Ever since I started sharing my story I've worked on all kinds of surgical scars," says Hameed.

Hameed credits her openness about her own experience with becoming a trusted source as a paramedical technician. "I'm very honest. I tell them it's not going to be perfect but you'll see a big improvement."