13 06 summer hair styling tips short long hair tbLook stylish this summer whether you have short, medium, or long hair.

Celebrity hair stylist, Claudio Lazo, whose works have been featured on Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah, shares his summer style recommendations for varying hair lengths.

Short Hair Styles

I recommend a style with a lot of texture like Anne Hathaway’s pixie cut. Having texture is important to keep your hair from looking flat, dull, and one-dimensional. Typically, texture is easier to spot on blondes because there’s a natural shadow that falls on the hair, while on darker hair it shows through the shape and silhouette of the cut. To create this look, blow-dry your hair without a brush and then use products like creams to help create structure and texture to your hair.

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Medium Hair Styles

Go for a shag hairstyle that’s playful, but stylish. It’s an evolution of the recent bob trend, with layers and a little bit of a drop at the front section of your hair for a touch of edginess. Celebrities, such as Gossip Girl’s bad girl, Taylor Momsen and rock star Chrissie Hynde, have worn this look. It’s a fun and easy to wear style, so get rid of your long bob and embrace shaggy layers. Use mousse to create volume and textural movement in the hair.

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Long Hair Styles

Wavy hair is always trendy for summer. This time around the style is straighter on top and gradually leads into waves at the bottom creating a Bohemian look. To achieve this hairstyle, simply fashion a quick braid on damp hair, quick dry, and unravel to complete your waves. Make multiple braids and fasten them tighter or smaller for more intense or loose waves. Finally use a texture spray to create volume.

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13 06 summer hair styling tips short long hair 1