skin nurture

Toronto spa offers natural, organic skin–care treatments and services that focus on total wellness

The Rejuvenation Room, Toronto,, 416.944.1388

Spend just a few minutes within the soothing walls of The Rejuvenation Room in Toronto and you'll know this a different kind of spa. Proprietor Lisa Cipparone, a beauty therapist, yoga instructor, registered Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner (acupuncture, tuina massage and herbal medicine) and certified cosmetic acupuncture practitioner, interacts with her clients in a comfortable, private atmosphere, where she offers a range of treatments based on natural ingredients and holistic principals. "I feel there is a strong connection between inner wellness and outer beauty," says Cipparone. "If you are unbalanced and unwell internally your outer body will reflect this. Our bodies are always talking to us, and we just need to be still and listen."

When Cipparone evaluates a skin's condition, she doesn't simply look at the outer symptoms that may be present, but also at what may be going on inside to cause issues such as redness, inflammation, acne or dehydration. "Your skin is a reflection of your body's internal health," she says.

Signature facials at The Rejuvenation Room (one hour, $80, which can also include massage or hot stone treatment; $90 with acupuncture) are performed using Miessence certified organic products ( and ILike organic skin–care products ( exclusively. "I think using organic products is essential to a healthy life and a healthy body," says Cipparone.

The Rejuvenation Room is also the only spa in Canada to distribute Dr. Anna's Pearl Cream ($60, Developed by Dr. Anna L. Baker, founder of Faces by Dr. Anna and a board certified doctor of Chinese Medicine, the cream is a composite of amino acids and mineral grains. "These amino acids are called signal proteins," says Dr. Baker. They're the same proteins oysters use to form pearls. "The Chinese have used pearls both medicinally and cosmetically for thousands of years. " Pearl powder is included in the Pearl Cream formulation, which is free of preservatives because these destroy the action of amino acids. Therefore the cream must be kept refrigerated at all times. "I've developed a proprietary process which activates the amino acids and makes a pearl cream that three dimensionally retightens muscles along the route that they aged," says Dr. Baker. "Used consistently over time, face and body muscles progressively return to younger and younger stages. This is not a quick fix, it is the real deal."