Professional hairstylist Marc Anthony shares the steps for achieving this less-than-perfect looking style for a night out on the town.

This season's updo is disheveled and sexy. Create it yourself by following the steps below:

1 .Start by blowing out your hair until smooth, but leave a little bit of movement and waves in it for texture.

2 . Set hair in extra-large rollers, spraying each section with hairspray before rolling.

3 . After rollers have cooled, gently brush out curls to break up the hair.

4 . Make a low ponytail with the back section and twist it in an upward motion keeping it as close to the scalp as possible; this will give you a twist that is tight yet naturally finished. Once you reach the crown, pin it in place by tucking the leftover pieces into the twist.

5 . Unclip the front section and gently back brush the hair for a bit of messy volume. Use hair spray to hold it in place.

6 . Pin the front pieces into the spot where the twists ends on the crown of your head. Tuck in any stray hairs you are not pleased with and leave the others to softly fall as they may.

Illustration by Stephen Headley/Marc Anthony Cosmetics inc.