Get clump-free lashes

With these great tips from Make-up Designory's Creative Director, Yvonne Hawker (

Did you know that pumping your mascara wand in and out of its tube does not actually help you get more product on the brush? You're actually letting in more air into the tube, meaning it will dry out and spoil your mascara faster.

To add drama (especially if you have straight lashes) Hawker suggests using an eyelash curler prior to application. "Start at the base and work up the lash line several times to create a natural curve to the lash."

If you're considering trying a different shade of mascara, either for fun or because you are incredibly fair, Hawker suggests sticking to classic browns and blacks, which will always make the lashes look fuller than coloured hues or lighter shades.

Start by doing one to two layers and from the inner corner to the outer corner of the bottom lashes first, suggests Hawker.

For the best upper lash application, Hawker says, "Start on top of the lashes. Then apply from underneath. This will coat both sides of the lashes to create a thicker, longer looking lash."

Women should replace their mascara every six months no matter what kind of tube they buy according to Hawker. "When using a mascara brush, clean after each use with a professional type of brush cleaner," suggests Hawker. "And never leave your mascara in a hot place, such as your car."