Redken has key tips for keeping your mane free flowing this holiday season.


Fretting about how to style your hair for the next fe╠éte? Perfection isn’t always important says Mekisha Banks, lead stylist for Redken. Her secret? Keep it natural and don’t be afraid of some movement. 

TIP #1

For long hair, create a “mid-section” bun by sweeping back sections, twisting and pinning it up with bobby pins and leaving the back loose. For shorter hair, aim to keep a tousled look. Add texture by teasing it with tiny teeth comb or brush, or add curls. Spray it with Redken’s Fashion Waves 07 Sea Salt Spray and finger comb the curls out to give it a natural finish. Add Redken’s Wind Blown 05 Dry Finishing Spray, which will keep everything in place. 


TIP #2

Regardless of how you updo your hair, avoid the urge to tuck behind both ears. Let one side loose to give it the easy breezy look and remember that “it’s not about being so polished anymore,” says Banks. 



Regardless of your hair length, bobby pins are a haircare essential. When taking them out at the end of the evening, stow them in your purse, so you’ll have a few the next time you need a quick pin.