Majorly crushing on your new eyelash extensions? Show them the attention they deserve to ensure your love affair is a long-term one.

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To prove your commitment to your new flirty eyelash extensions, you’ll need to nix the mascara and set aside your go-to makeup remover.

“Oils and glycerin in cosmetics and skincare break down eyelash extension glue,” says Miranda Voth, certified lash extension tech, medical aesthetician and founder of MV Beauty Lab. “When the glue is broken down, lash extensions shed prematurely.”

In other words, beware of these ingredients in your beauty products. Don’t neglect your lashes, though!

“Glamorous lashes still have a job to do,” notes Voth. “Lashes protect your eyes from dirt and debris. Naturally, bacteria can build up on lashes, meaning daily cleaning is a must for good eye health and better lash retention.”

Try it out!

170811 lashes

MV Beauty Lab Lash Extension Cleanser ($28, Formulated without oils and glycerin, this rose water cleanser gently removes dirt, natural oils and environmental debris without deteriorating lash glue. Apply a few drops to damp lids and gently rub the lash line, allowing the cleanser to roll down the lashes. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry from the bottom of the lashes.