A professional tells you how to look polished every single day.

Liz Robertson, makeup and hair artist (fordartists.com) gives quick and easy tips for looking your best on a daily basis.

1. Mascara Junkies Rejoice

When it comes to lashes, forget about exercising restraint. "Spidery lashes are in. This means layers and layers of mascara on both top and bottom lashes to give a semi-defined lash, while letting a few lashes stick together." Clumpy or gloopy is not acceptable, so don't ditch your lash comb altogether.
TRY: Lise Watier 24 Hrs Glam Mascara ($21, at Shoppers Drug Mart); Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara ($25, at Sephora).


2. Protect your skin

Summer nights might be over, but that doesn't mean forgetting about sun protection. Shield your skin from photo damage with REVALESKIN Day Cream with SPF 15 ($92.40; at doctor's offices and revaleskin.com).


3. Look Well Rested

Want to stop looking like you've spent all night studying? Under eye circles can ruin even the most perfected look — and if you have them, you've probably tried everything to banish them. emerginC's lighten-up under eye circle fighter ($67, at doctor's offices and spas; emerginc.com) works because it contains topical lighteners and skin strengtheners, meaning it fights both superficial and underlying causes of dark under-eye circles.


4. Get Beautiful Brows

"My favourite trend this year is a full, strong and well-defined brow." Robertson advises getting brows shaped professionally. "The idea is for them to look natural. Fullness is key." Never tweeze or wax excessively: skimpy brows make you look older. "Use a brow pencil or brow powder with angled brush and fill in your brows to create a strong, well-defined shape."
TRY: Urban Decay UrbanBrow Pencil ($25) and UrbanBrow Styling Brush Gel ($24, at Sephora)


5. Keep it natural

"One of the key trends for makeup this fall — and one that is also very anti-aging-friendly because there are no flaw-highlighting swathes of glitter or pops of too-trendy colour to deal with-is a very neutral, natural makeup look. "This means clean, polished, matte skin with a bit o of luminosity." Go nude or neutral on the eyes with vanillas, creams, taupes, soft pinks and buff browns.
TRY: i-mark custom pick eye shadows in Truffle and Sugar Sugar, $6, markcanada.ca


6. Get the right tools

"Good brushes are key to getting a proper makeup look. A good powder brush, blush brush, concealer brush, fluff brush for eyeshadow, brow brush, eye liner brush, eye shadow crease brush and lip brush are where I'd start." Your assignment: keep your brushes clean. Wash once a week with a brush cleanser or mild shampoo and lay flat to dry on a towel with the heads of the brush just over the edge of the table/counter.
TRY: Quo's Wood Grain Brush Collection, $45 at Shoppers Drug Mart.