Full and Beautiful Hair and Nourishing Makeup

Summer received a full hair makeover with colour, styling and therapeutic products from Nioxin when she visited Mirella Rota, an ambassador for Nioxin and a stylist at Salon Gaboa International in Woodbridge, Ontario. “Unlike other hair care brands, Nioxin uses an inspirational skin-care approach to cleanse, optimize and treat the hair and scalp,” explains Rota. Nioxin focuses on providing real solutions for thinning hair with salon-grade products that have been developed with a world-renowned team of researchers.

“Honestly, Summer has great hair,” says Rota, “but her colour had grown out a bit and her pre-lightened tips had started to lose lustre and shine. I used the Nioxin System 5 Kit ($49.98), a three-part system used to cleanse, optimize and treat the hair and scalp to prevent breakage. This was combined with Diamax Advanced ($59.98), a leave-in salon treatment that helps expand the diameter of each hair strand for instant plumping results.”

summer hair

When it comes to colour, Rota gave her multi-dimensional highlights and created an ombré look so her hair looked natural and lived in,” says Rota. She kept Summer’s long length because it fit her lifestyle: “She has a young daughter who keeps her busy and she works as a nurse, so she needs to put her hair up easily off her face.”

To maintain hair health and limit scalp buildup, Nioxin styling products provide enough hold while still making hair soft to the touch, easy to brush and free of the buildup and stickiness found in ordinary styling products. A healthy and clean scalp that is free of debris, oil and mineral secretions is the optimal environment for thick and healthy hair growth. For Summer, Rota recommended Nioxin Bodifying Foam ($18.32) and Nioxin Niospray Regular Hold Hairspray with Lightplex ($19) for their flexible hold and volumizing effects.