Greasy locks, be gone!


 If you’re like us, you enjoy the spring in your step after a salon blowout, so you want to make those tresses last as long as you can, even if that means skipping your morning spin class. With the latest trend in Botox, a cosmetic treatment coined “blowtox,” you don’t have to choose between the temptation to sweat  and the chance to  rock a fabulous hairdo again.

Like using injections to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) more and more women are choosing to have Botox administered by a physician throughout their scalps and foreheads to reduce perspiration and save their hairdos. One treatment will last patients between six and eight months before a follow-up appointment is needed, according to Dr. Darren Ezer, MD, MBA, CCFP, FRCPC, of the Toronto Sweat Clinic.

With any Botox procedure, patients may experience slight bruising in the treated area, but scalp Botox is safe, with only a post-procedure headache reported as a potential side effect. As with most procedures, the risk of infection is a concern but quite low. “The main concern is unwanted cosmetic effects,” says Dr. Ezer,  “so patients should ensure that the person injecting in this area has the experience and understanding to avoid unwanted cosmetic effects, such as eye drooping or eyelid raising.” Would you try Blotox?

Cost: Approximately $700