13 01 easy detox cleanse plan juiceWant to boost your health and save money in the new year?

Read on for easy changes that will help detox your body, encourage weight loss from those holiday calories and save a few dollars along the way.

1. Soak berries in a cider VINEGAR and water fruit wash (use a 10 to one ratio of water to vinegar) for a couple of minutes, then rinse them once more to get rid of all the vinegar. Doing this quick step before storing them in the fridge will allow your berries to last much longer. Now you have an antioxidant-rich snack available when you really need it.

2. Skip the organic asparagus! Research updated lists of the “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean 15” fruits and vegetables to maximize the benefits of eating organic while also saving money.

3. If you’re a juice lover, mix your favourite fruit juice with water at home. You’ll cut sugar and calories, while retaining the same satisfying flavour.