Bigger isn't better... but you can attain your ideal results with these three breast-enhancing procedures.

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Many women want a voluminous and natural-looking set of breasts, but this can be challenging to maintain as gravity takes hold. Before you come out with a set of double Ds on your tiny frame, we talked to three experts who can help you decide how to make the most of your girls without going over the top.

This week's expert is aesthetician, makeup artist, and Sorme educator, Shawnnah Drey.

Q: How do I make my breasts look fuller?
A: With contouring.

“Contouring your breasts can give the illusion of having fuller or larger breasts. You can easily achieve this by using the Sorme Professional Contour and Strobing Kit, which allows you to contour, highlight and define features with four beautiful powder shades that are great for any complexion. The contouring powders are enhanced with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants so they help nourish your skin while enhancing your beauty. Begin by using the warm brown colour to make a “Y” shape between and curving over the breasts with a powder brush. Next, using the banana colour powder, cover the exposed part of the breast (under the curves you made as well) and blend out. Next, using a smaller powder brush, go back and define the “Y” shape with the cool brown to amp up the shadows you’ve already created. Be sure to blend it out to make it look as real as possible. At this time, you can take a large powder brush and bronze the area with the warm brown colour if you wanted. Finally, add a little highlighter to the fullest part of the breasts to maximize results.”

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