In part two of our three-part spring makeover series, Michel gets a non-invasive facelift.

Elevate Makeover Spring 2017 feature

Non-invasive cosmetic procedures provide quick but life-changing results, cost less, take less time to complete and allow for an easy recovery without a vast interruption of one’s daily life. For many women, these cosmetic pick-me-ups are a no-brainer. Although it’s easy to put together a laundry list of cosmetic procedures to get done, often a single procedure that will have the most impact gives the best results.

We recently treated three beautiful women—each of different ages, backgrounds and in different stages in life—to one mega-impact non-invasive cosmetic procedure that addressed her most pressing physical concerns.  See Manju's amazing skin changes and Cristina's smile transformation

The results were fabulous! By selecting the right treatment for each woman based on her primary concerns and influencing lifestyle factors, each individual walked out of her treatment looking better and, more importantly, feeling more confident, refreshed and ready to take on the world all over again!

This is Michel's story...

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Michel's Rejuvenated Visage with Fillers

Michel lives a simple lifestyle. She enjoys yoga, working out, having dinner with friends and family and going up north in the warmer season. Between balancing work and family responsibilities, Michel appreciates her time to herself, and that includes taking care of her skin. She washes her makeup off after stepping into her home for the night, making sure to follow up with her favourite skin care. Since she suffers from rosacea, she gets intense pulsed light treatments every four weeks. Although Michel had neuromodulators done in the past in the form of Botox, it was her first time experiencing Dysport and her first time getting fillers done.

"I am very happy. It’s like a new and refreshed look with no downtime. I could see the difference before I left the clinic, and there was no discomfort with the treatment process because Dr. Kolenda was very reassuring."

The Procedure: Non-surgical facelift using Dysport neurotoxin and Restylane fillers by Dr. Jack Kolenda, MD, FRCSC, an otolaryngologist and head and neck surgeon specializing in facial plastic surgery and medical director of Verso Surgery Centre in Oakville, Ont.

170831 makeoverseriesMichelBeforeDr. Kolenda used the neurotoxin Dysport and a combination of dermal fillers from Restylane to help meet Michel’s goal of looking younger but still natural. “Michel looked tired,” he says. “She had typical aging signs for her age group, which were hollowness in the temples and volume loss in her mid-face, and she started to develop puppet lines. She also showed aging in both her jawline and neck.” Dr. Kolenda used 11 Restylane filler syringes and 123 units of Dysport for Michel’s new, refreshed look.

“Using Dysport, a neurotoxin to relax lines and change specific expressive features, we were able to stop active wrinkling, achieve a gentle brow lift, improve marionette lines and re-drape the neck area,” says Dr. Kolenda. The family of Restylane fillers did the rest of the work: Volyme, which is used for volumizing areas, was placed in the temples, cheek and jawline; Refyne subtly improved Michel’s laugh lines; and Defyne, a versatile filler, was used to correct her marionette lines [the lines that run straight down from the corner of your mouth], nasolabial folds around the mouth and to add volume to the front of Michel’s cheeks. Touchups are required after a year.

“Michel looked younger and more rested,” says Dr. Kolenda. “An injectable facelift provides immediate gratification and is perfect for those who aren’t ready for surgical interventions. There’s a stigma associated with neurotoxins and fillers. Whenever these words are mentioned, people have a skewed perception that you will automatically look fake, like some Hollywood celebrities. But when injected properly, these treatments restore natural beauty and help you look well rested and refreshed.”

Cost: $1,000 to $4,000

Photos: Hair: Monique from Stylu; Makeup: Katherine Torrez from Stylu; Photography: Alvaro Goveia; Wardrobe Styling: Amanpreet Dhami; Clothing: Code Vitesse; Jewellery: Liel and Lentz