In part two of our three-part spring makeover series, Manju's skin is treated to an OxyGeneo facial.

Elevate Makeover Spring 2017 feature

Non-invasive cosmetic procedures provide quick but life-changing results, cost less, take less time to complete and allow for an easy recovery without a vast interruption of one’s daily life. For many women, these cosmetic pick-me-ups are a no-brainer. Although it’s easy to put together a laundry list of cosmetic procedures to get done, often a single procedure that will have the most impact gives the best results.

We recently treated three beautiful women—each of different ages, backgrounds and in different stages in life—to one mega-impact non-invasive cosmetic procedure that addressed her most pressing physical concerns.

The results were fabulous! By selecting the right treatment for each woman based on her primary concerns and influencing lifestyle factors, each individual walked out of her treatment looking better and, more importantly, feeling more confident, refreshed and ready to take on the world all over again!

This is Manju's story...

Find the One Makeover Series: Manju, OxyGeneo Facial

One Facial for Tighter, Beautifully Glowing Skin

Manju Das, 41, a project manager at a financial institution in Toronto, is always busy, mainly because she commutes to work from Scarborough, Ont. She still manages to eat a balanced diet and hits the gym three times a week despite her demanding job. When it comes to her skin-care regimen, though, Manju isn’t as diligent. Although she has her cleansing ritual down, she finds it difficult to select serums and products that work for her skin type and hasn’t found a sunscreen she likes enough to feel comfortable wearing regularly. Knowing that she could do a better job of taking care of her skin, Manju looked to this makeover experience as an opportunity to try something different with her skin and address the fine lines that she’s starting to notice.

"I wasn’t really sure about the facials when I first heard about them, but I really enjoyed the OxyGeneo! My skin looks firmer and very bright. The treatment was very interesting, and the last part was so relaxing that I fell asleep."

The Procedure: OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Facial plus TriPollar by Dr. Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC, FAAD, a cosmetic dermatologist at Gidon Aesthetics & MediSpa

Find the One Makeover Series: Manju, Before OxyGeneo FacialManju received three treatments of the OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Facial plus TriPollar once a week for three consecutive weeks. “Manju had some skin dullness, pigmentation and mild scarring from old acne,” says Dr. Gidon. “She is beginning to show some skin laxity that can be tightened by the TriPollar radio frequency hand piece.”

The OxyGeneo facial performs three functions: exfoliation, oxygenation and infusion of a concentrated serum. For Manju, Dr. Gidon chose the Neo-Bright serum, one of two infusions in the OxyGeneo skin treatment. The skin treatment relies on the body’s Bohr effect, where the blood releases oxygen in the presence of high levels of carbon dioxide.

“The impact on the skin is a smoother texture, smaller pores, fewer wrinkles, improved tone and glowing skin,” explains Dr. Gidon. This is followed by the use of the TriPollar hand piece for 25 minutes, which tightens skin through the use of radio frequency. The OxyGeneo plus TriPollar works great on darker skin tones, making Manju a strong candidate for the treatment.

Although a single treatment of OxyGeneo can be great before a special occasion, a full-treatment protocol combining TriPollar is a series of six treatments over six weeks. One treatment lasts for five to 15 days, varying by individual. The OxyGeneo should be maintained after the full protocol every four to six weeks, while the TriPollar can be done every six months. “Manju enjoyed the treatment and found it relaxing,” says Dr. Gidon. “She felt that her skin was smoother, brighter and tighter and would continue on with the treatments. She also had an improvement in her acne without any acne treatments.”

Cost: $1,500 for a series of six treatments once a week with the TriPollar hand piece. A single OxyGeneo with TriPollar skin-tightening treatment is $250.

Stay tuned for part three of our spring Find the One makeover series!

Photos: Hair: Monique from Stylu; Makeup: Katherine Torrez from Stylu; Photography: Alvaro Goveia; Wardrobe Styling: Amanpreet Dhami; Clothing: Code Vitesse; Jewellery: Liel and Lentz