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Meet Summer Jeffery


Summer Jeffrey

36 years old

•       By day, Summer is a hard-working nurse. She is engaged to her partner of 12 years, Mirko, and they live together with their six-year-old daughter, Harlo. They are currently building their dream home.

•       Summer loves being active: “I love working out and I’ve always been athletic. I love volleyball and surfing when I go away. I’m in the water at my cottage every summer. That is my happy place, with my kid, on my paddleboard.”

•       On her daughter: “Harlo is everything to me! I could burst into tears just talking about her. She drives me bonkers most of the time, but I miss her all the time. I am that mom who thinks it’s nice for her to go to my parent’s house for a week, but then I just want to be with her the whole time.”

•         Summer is pretty busy and she is an amazing mother, so we thought, in celebration of Mother’s Day, she deserved to be pampered for being the incredible woman she is.