Anti-aging isn’t just a female concern. Men too can benefit from the procedures that help them age gracefully.

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When it comes to anti-aging, it can seem that every product and advertisement is geared toward women. But now “men also have increased anxiety over the effects that aging will have on them,” says plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Shenker, MD FRCSC of The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Waterloo, Ontario, who notes that men are particularly sensitive regarding aging in their profession, and “being perceived as too old and not being able to keep up with the younger generations coming on board.”

While these thoughts come to men later in life, and women are generally always aware of their looks, as men age they face many of the same challenges as women, says Dr. Shenker, who adds that shared skin concerns include skin becoming thinner, loss of elasticity, accumulated sun damage, effects of gravity, loss of facial fat, increase of body hair, decrease of hair on the head, and increased awareness of looks. Shenker also observes that a major difference concerning men specifically is their breasts becoming larger, with increased tissue and a swollen look to their areola.

Even though facial aging for men and women follows a similar pattern, plastic surgeon Dr. Jack Kolenda MD FRCSC of Verso Surgery Centre in Oakville, Ontario, notes that skin aging is slower in men than women, and for a number of men androgenic alopecia contributes to looking older as well. “Aging in men is more acceptable and hence men appear less interested in pursuing anti-aging procedures. This is however changing and men are rethinking their attitudes about staying youthful,” says Dr. Kolenda.

Fortunately, treatments abound to help guys look great even as they age. Depending on a man’s age, there are various procedures to help them look their best. “Some procedures are more ideal at certain ages based mainly on need,” says Dr. Shenker. “As the aging process happens, there becomes an increased need [and] want for anti-aging procedures to keep the skin and body youthful. An important part of battling aging is a quality skincare regimen that includes products containing medical grade retinol, advanced facial sunscreens and anti-aging properties. Introducing said products and committing to a system prescribed by the cosmetic surgery team, laser technician or injectable nurse is paramount in fighting the signs of aging,” says Dr. Shenker.